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Karthik Puvvada (KP)

Founder of Cuppa

I love helping people unlock their creative potential through no-code projects and developing the mindset of a maker.

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AJ Picard


I've been building products for 3 years and I run my own code/no-code studio that is helping people bring their product ideas to life.

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Alex Gorin

CEO of Tabbli

I help entrepreneurs with clearance of their draft idea to launch nocode MVP and scale up it based on Tabbli.

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Joshua Tiernan

Founder @ NoCodeFounders

I am a serial nocode maker specialized with Bubble and I run the No Code Founders community.

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Michael Gill

CTO & Automation King

CTO & No-Code advocate, I can help you turn your ideas into products that sell.

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Niraj Shah

Founder @

I can help any startup that is looking for feedback on their product and GTM strategy.

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