Jens Lennartsson

Marketing Expert

I am a growth marketing expert helping nocode startups and makers get their products the traction they deserve.


Meet the Viking of Marketing

Hey there! I help No-code startups and makers to get their tools and products in front the eyes of their perfect target market. To build an audience and to get them fired up about what you offer. I genuinely believe, that every startup and entrepreneur need a high-quality, automated mailing list as the centerpiece of their sales funnel. That will not only make you more sales, but also less work. In the end, that will lead to more people getting value from your product!

Let's have a chat so I can pin-point the things you are doing wrong and tell you exactly what to do to maximize your reach and chances of getting people to sign-up. Together, we’ll create an easy-to-follow, specific action plan, with every step you need to take. Speak soon!