AJ Picard


I've been building products for 3 years and I run my own code/no-code studio that is helping people bring their product ideas to life.

Product Design

More about me

Hey there!
I am AJ, the founder of Pastryy, a design feedback website that has been built using no-code tools such as Webflow, Memberstack & Zapier.

I help no-code startups/businesses enhance their User Interface & User Experience throughout their product. Design is my specialty and a crucial part of onboarding new customers & keeping existing ones. I love talking to founders about how users will be navigating/using their product.

Lets have a chat so I can help enhance your User Interface + User Experience for your product. Design is all about mapping out user flows, not having a flow is like navigating to a new location you've never been to before without any navigating instruction.